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India 2009

I really enjoyed the twice daily yoga. It improved my technique and stretched me. Was fantastic to do yoga at the temple on the lake with all the colour and activity just there. Maryann's friends and family in Pushkar gave us an Indian experience that would be impossible to get on other tours. We lived and ate like the family who embraced us. Recomend this tour to anyone who wants a unique and exciting yoga trip to India. I loved it. Helen, participant at 2009 India retreat.

As a first time traveller to India I was very well looked after. I had a wonderful, safe introduction to a beautiful unique country. There is a mixture of cultural experiences, fabulous vegetarian food, wonderful yoga practise (in a temple overlooking the Holy lake at the village of Pushkar), and warm memories I will never forget. Di, NSW Australia

In January 2009 I travelled to India with Maryann for a two week yoga retreat in beautiful scenic Pushkar in the sunny state of Rajistan. It was a relaxing and energising experience capped off with expert tuition, sensational vegetarian food and comfortable accommodation. The sights and sounds of Pushkar will stay with me forever and the yoga classes steadied the mind and calmed the body. I will definitely return and recommend this trip to anyone who is considering a yoga holiday. James, past student and participant in India retreat 2009

Thanks for all the hard work you put into the India retreat Maryann, I have really enjoyed your weekly classes over the years and the opportunity to take part in an intensive program was great. I was suprised how mu chI loved India and look forward to another opportunity to do a retreat. Jo, participant in weekly classes and India retreat 2009.

Illa Langi 2008

After the weekend I felt the relaxation you feel after a very long break. In particular I felt that my chest and back had really opened up and a lot of stress (this is where I carry it) had been relieved. Participant at 2008 Illa Langi weekend retreat.

It was interesting that your regular class members and those with little exposure to your style all worked so well together - to your credit ... your awareness and depth of knowledge is impressive. Participant at 2008 Illa Langi weekend retreat.

Regular classes

I plan my whole week around your class Maryann, it is my little peice of tranquility in an otherwise hectic life. Dianna, participant in weekly classes

I have been practicing yoga for a number of years and have been a student of yoga teacher, Maryann Lees. Maryann is both professional and enjoyable as a yoga teacher and is by far the best I have come across. Forever conscious of each students history, injuries and limitations, Maryann provides maximum benefit to everyone on an individual basis. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone. James, Sydney

I came to yoga to prepare for the India retreat but I will continue to come because of the enormous positive impact it has had on my life. Robyn, participant in weekly classes and India retreat 2009 

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