About yoga

Better body

The ideal of yoga is not the attainment of the 'perfect body', but the development of overall fitness. Yoga assists the toning, strengthening and flexibility of the body’s muscles and joints. Yoga is a 'total workout' with benefits for the respiratory and nervous systems, internal organs, right down to our very bone marrow. The focus of yoga is on symmetrical body enhancements. A common problem today, asymmetrical body development can be caused by sports or exercise programs that focus on one part of the body, or by performing everyday repetitive tasks. The damaging results include spinal and back problems as well as wear and tear on joints. Yoga provides a remedy for such common afflictions.

Better mind

The emphasis of yoga is grounded in the learning process. It is not the need to get somewhere quickly that is important, but the understanding how. Yoga is not competitive. It taps into the ability of the mind to block out all distractions and attain total concentration. Breathing is key to this process and is used to focus the mind on posture and symmetry. Complete relaxation can be achieved by the process of concentrating oneself to the tasks of body alignment and breathing. Yoga is a personal journey that provides the added reward of doing something good for yourself and the feeling that comes from within.

Yoga for who


Yoga is a low impact form of exercise. Regardless of size, shape, gender, fitness level or age – anyone can participate in yoga classes and all can enjoy the benefits.

Why corporate yoga?

Corporate yoga classes are being used by many large firms and companies who are experiencing the benefits both for individuals and throughout the organisation. Team and workplace morale are enhanced while improved outputs are achieved. These are natural results from people feeling better about themselves through the practice of yoga. While concentration levels increase during yoga sessions, the benefits of this permeate an individual’s work. Participating in yoga during the course of a busy working day takes little time and is the perfect respite from stress and tension. Left unchecked, these forms of anxiety can affect not only the individual but the workplace environment with undue negative repercussions. 

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